Who is tim daly dating now


“I heard a rumor about it and everyone was like, ‘no, no way!

’ And I’m like, ‘maybe ‘ ” Geoffrey Arend, who plays a staffer on Leoni’s character’s team, told PEOPLE on Tuesday at a special New York screening of Marvel’s presented by Cinema Society and Audi.

But unlike any other divorced couples, they both share a good relation, talking often and even going on a family holiday together.

There has been no exclusive news related to Tim lately; however, Tim Daly is now all set to attend two events due Tuesday on the Seacoast. Philip Francis Queeg); David Schwimmer (portraying Lt. I've gotten along with plenty of people, but the chemistry sucked. Ups and down in relation are no more rare sightings these days.Same is the case with actor Tim Daly, 60, and his former wife, Amy Van Nostrand, 63.Tia got divorced from her longtime partner David William Duchovny in 2014.

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