Who is raphael saadiq dating


She recently said, "He is from Oakland, I'm from Devon, England; he is 40, I am 19; he is American, I'm English.

It's, like, two completely different people." But Lemar insists Stone has confessed the truth to him.

He released an album called Ray Ray in the year 2004 and this was one of his best albums.

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The very next year he released another album called All Hits at the House of Blues.This also means he has never been through the process of divorce.According to some sources he has been dating his girlfriend Joss Stone from the year 2007 and their relationship is going fine up to now.He is also a co-founder of independent video game developer Ill Fonic.Saadiq's critically acclaimed album, The Way I See It, released on September 16, 2008, featuring artists Stevie Wonder, Joss Stone, and Jay-Z, received three Grammy Award nominations and was voted Best Album on i Tunes of 2008.His fourth studio album, Stone Rollin', was released on March 25, 2011.

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