Who is jean grae dating


Then he sees two black eras...,two big green eyes..a small pink nose! a sofa in the kitchen .a) is no b) aren't c) isn't.

For example, try to notice someone you think has a beautiful smile. Look after yourself, do the things you enjoy, and focus on the the things you’re good at. ) Feeling good about yourself is not an easy thing at all. Best wishes, Joanna (Learn English Teens team) I've got long long hair .....( but shorter than Rapunzel :)) ) My hair colour is black and had slight shades of natural brown colour too...

a) there is no pen b) there is the pen c) no pen is.

I was quite thin but now i'm a little healthier but still I'm not that fat....

Hi Quocduy, In your calculation, you mean you've eventually gained 5 more kilograms since you were called 'fat boy' or ' Bear' or ' Pig' ??

About 2 years ago I was very fat so I was be called 'fat boy' or ' Bear' or ' Pig' :))) then the following year I make abitition and did exercise and I lost 10kilograms but this year, that means the next year my girlfriend advised me to eat much more and so I gained 15 kilograms :)))))) Now I decided to keep my weight because of the girlfriend's advice.

Hi Elsa, Yah, It took me 1 year so I think gain or lose kg are not too hard.

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