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The current renovation, which even by today’s standards is one of the largest infrastructure projects worldwide, will certainly affect a wide range of parties in the global logistics industry, including steamship companies, logistics providers, shippers and port operators.

Yet in an ever-connected, globalized world, with dynamic trade patterns and several exogenous factors at play, it is unclear exactly how these parties will be affected once the project is finished.

Sailing along the west coast of South America gives you a unique opportunity to explore fascinating archaeological sites and the mysteries of lost cultures.

Sail through the Panama Canal, see the Nazca Lines, the ancient Chimu kingdom, pyramids and shrines, national parks and exotic wildlife, before ending the expedition in Valparaiso.

Ancon sailed through the 48-mile narrow passageway, descended the locks at the other end of the channel and arrived in the Pacific Ocean. After years of obstacles and setbacks, including malaria outbreaks and a lock redesign to accommodate Panama’s thick jungles and mountainous terrain, the project moved more than 240 million cubic yards of earth, used 61 million pounds of dynamite and cost 0 million (over billion in today’s dollars) to complete.

More than 10,000 people died during the course of construction, and the project was almost abandoned on three occasions.

The Gatun Locks (Atlantic side) and the Miraflores Locks (Pacific side) raise and lower vessels in much the same way they did on that maiden voyage.

Containerships and bulk carriers line the horizon, waiting for their turn to ascend and descend the system.

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Changing Trade Dynamics and Canal Limitations Within 10 years of the inaugural voyage, the Panama Canal had changed the dynamics of international trade.

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