Updating legacy codes


Inactive: The code system has decided to suppress this code for reasons particular to the code system.You should remove inactive codes from your value sets.If you have code that depends on another library to be fully downloaded and initialized, the most straightforward approach is to combine both libraries within a single Java Script web resource with your code below the library code.

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You should remove invalid codes from your value sets.My Value Sets contains all value sets, regardless of status, assigned to you as an Author and/or as a Steward.Search All Value Sets contains all value sets, regardless of status. Use the filter boxes to refine your results, and click on any column heading to sort your results.Form programming allows you to achieve things that cannot yet be done using business rules.Tasks frequently performed by using form programming include the following: The logic applied in form programming can only be executed in the browser of someone interacting within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application entity form.You can copy the column of codes from your spreadsheet or import the codes from the text file and add them to your value set by using the Import link at the top of the Value Set Code List table.

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