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Rule finding is an important aspect of human reasoning and flexibility.

Previous studies associated rule finding "failure" with past experience with the test stimuli and stable personality traits.

In addition to WM updating, I am interested in cognitive control, and I use the task switching paradigm for its study.

The basic question in these projects is how people adapt their behavior to internal or external constraints. Control by action representation and input selection (CARIS): A theoretical framework for task switching involving speeded perceptual classification. Brodsky, W., Kessler, Y., Rubinstein, B., Ginsborg, J., & Henik, A. The mental representation of music notation: Notational audiation. Task rule congruency and task switching: Evidence for the use of activated overlearned abstract codes as mediators during response selection. All updateable objects in working memory are updated whenever any of them is modified: Evidence from the memory updating paradigm.

Updating cost, defined as the difference between update and non-update trials, was larger when 2 objects were involved compared with when there was only 1 object was involved.

This finding…"Inhibitory control" is a cognitive mechanism that contributes to successful self-control (i.e., adherence to a long-term goal in the face of an interfering short-term goal).

The mindset was…The backward-compatibility effect (BCE) is a major index of parallel processing in dual tasks and is related to the dependency of Task 1 performance on Task 2 response codes (Hommel, 1998).Selection failure…Reaction time task rule congruency effects (RT-TRCEs) reflect faster responses to stimuli for which the competing task rules indicate the same correct response than to stimuli indicating conflicting responses.The authors tested the hypothesis that RT-TRCE reflects activated overlearned response category codes in long-term memory (such as up or…The authors show that the updating of working memory (WM) representations is carried out by the cooperative act of 2 dissociable reaction time (RT) components: a global updating process that provides stability by shielding WM contents against interference and a local process that provides flexibility. 3 items (digits…Humans are characterized by an especially highly developed ability to use instructions to prepare toward upcoming events; yet, it is unclear just how powerful instructions can be.In my Ph D work, I examined the component processes of WM updating of verbal material, using behavioral paradigms. The first part showed that the WM updating process acts upon all the information available in WM, including the information that is not modified.This finding has theoretical implications regarding the unitary nature of WM representations.The results of four dual-task experiments showed that a BCE occurs when the stimuli of both tasks are included in the same visual object (Experiments 1 and 2)…In the present experiments, the question being addressed was whether switching attention between perceptual dimensions and selective attention to dimensions are processes that compete over a common resource?

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