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To demonstrate this functionality, let's look at using a Grid View to list all of the records from the SELECT [Product ID], [Product Name], [Products].[Category ID], [Category Name], [Unit Price], [Discontinued] FROM [Products] INNER JOIN [Categories] ON [Products].[Category ID] = [Categories].[Category ID] ORDER BY [Product Name] can be specified through the data source's wizard, via the Select Query property in the Properties window, or declaratively.

There has been a postback and the selected row is now editable. On postback, the Grid View takes the values from the input controls in its editing interface and automatcially populates those into the corresponding Update Parameters.

The Command Field is a column that shows Edit-related or Delete-related buttons, depending on its property settings.

Checking "Enable Editing" adds a Command Field with its property set to True. When the visitor clicks the Edit button that row becomes editable.

However, what is more challenging is loading the selected record's values into the Web controls.

Granted, this is not that difficult to accomplish, but it isn't as easy as pointing and clicking and requires the page developer to write a bit of code. NET 2.0's data Web controls can provide an editing interface.

In particular, Bound Fields turn into Text Box Web controls; Check Box Fields, which are displayed as unclickable checkboxes in the read-only status, become clickable.

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