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A better range of elongation typically results in longer lasting caulking joints, which ultimately results in increased lifespan for the sealant, and decreased caulking costs for the property owner.

Water often enters commercial structures through voids in the window systems.

We typically recommend replacing expired control joints with silicone caulking due to its extended life expectancy when compared to urethane caulking.

Our wet glazing services are tailored to meet your demands for a commercial wet glazing business.

We have experience wet glazing a variety of curtain wall and window system installations.

Symptoms of an improperly sealed building can include the deterioration of the building’s interior materials such as drywall and ceiling tiles, damage or destruction of electrical elements, and the infestation of toxic mold (i.e. The latter may be the most detrimental effect from water damage.

Our waterproofing division has specialized technicians that can perform services such as wet glazing, caulking and precast control joints.

With 24/7 on-call service response 365 days a year and a fleet of service vehicles, we provide fast service to our clients when they need it most.

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