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Older versions only supports a small number of standard encodings.For a workaround, see Using Non-Standard Encodings in c Element Tree.

The above was measured with Python 2.4, using prebuilt Windows installers (as published by the maintainers) for all C extensions.

Note that some distributors have included c Element Tree in their Element Tree package.

Mac OS X users may want to check the Fink repository.

January 30, 2005 | Fredrik Lundh [home] [zone] The c Element Tree module is a C implementation of the Element Tree API, optimized for fast parsing and low memory use.

On typical documents, c Element Tree is 15-20 times faster than the Python version of Element Tree, and uses 2-5 times less memory.

Toolkits that parse namespaces but don’t handle them properly are included, though (see notes 2 and 5, below).

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