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But the great pressure he is under pushes him to the edge, where human limits reach the point of no return.(Dans la forêt)2016 | 1 h 43 min Directed by: Gilles Marchand Two young boys whose parents are divorced travel to Sweden to spend their vacation with their father.When he suggests they spend a few days at a lakeside cabin in the middle of a forest, the boys are delighted.And he'll have to go to great lengths to do so, while his nearest and dearest look on with amazement.(La Loi de la jungle)2016 | 1 h 39 min Directed by: Antonin Peretjatko Marc Châtaigne, an intern at the Department of Norms and Standards, is sent to French Guiana to supervise the implementation of European standards at the GUYANEIGE construction site: the first indoor ski slope in the Amazon aimed at boosting tourism in French Guiana. Her mother decides to behave as though nothing has changed so that they can spend the loveliest summer of their lives. She steals a large black dog belonging to a young man on the run..(Crash test Aglaé)2017 | 1 h 25 min Directed by: Éric Gravel Aglaé, a young factory worker, has only one reference point in her life: her job at a car crash test site.His misadventures lead to the appointment of a teammate. Worse: she's no pushover.(Willy 1er)2016 | 1 h 22 min Directed by: Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma, Marielle Gautier, Hugo P. When she learns that the factory is going to be relocated abroad, she surprises everyone by accepting to go to India in order to hold on to her job.

Food supplies were much more abundant than in Europe, and there was an abundance of fertile land that needed farm families.In the 21st century writers have emphasized the distinctive strengths displayed inside the community of women, with special concern for minorities among women.The experiences of women during the colonial era varied from colony to colony, but there were some overall patterns.Everyone believes that Lucas Steiner has fled France, but he is, in fact, hiding in the basement of the theater.The 8th edition of My French Film Festival has just ended.The next day, Vincent is accused by his girlfriend of attempted murder. Victoria reluctantly agrees to defend him, and at the same time hires Sam as her nanny.

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