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In many cases, cops have removed such modified exhausts and have crushed them in front of the owners.Such crackdowns have become pretty common in Kerala and Karnataka but the people in other states are not facing any such issues, yet! You can get it approved by ARAI and then get it entered on the Registration Certificate, which is a very tedious and long process.However, people riding such motorcycles in the present day have started facing a lot of problems from the cops. He was stopped several times by cops while riding the modified motorcycle – Bazuka.He was reminded by cops that it is not legal to ride a modified motorcycle in India.This 1954 example is finished in black with silver chrome and is supplied with a current Mo T test certificate until June 20th 2011.With only six owner since 1954, this older restoration example offers tremendous value for money and would make the ideal first step into the world of classic motorcycles.Customisation is a big marketplace in many international countries.If India can regulate the modifications and put a simpler process of getting the modifications approved, it will go a long way towards enhancing the automotive culture of the country.

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The cops are even stopping and issuing challans to the bikes that have aftermarket loud exhausts.

Also, you can change the colour of the bike by adding a vinyl but repainting the vehicle to a different colour is again illegal and has to be endorsed on the RC by the local RTO.

As these strict rules restrict the creativity of modifying houses, there should be new rules that help such modifiers in India.

The Motor Vehicle Act restricts modifications in India.

According to the law, it is illegal to modify the structure or colour of a vehicle.

The Vlogger said that he is making a video for his own You Tube channel and it is not his bike.

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