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(also commonly called illus) are imperfect, weaker copies of heroes, created by spells or items.

They look like and are mostly treated like a hero, but are impaired, as they usually have incoming and outgoing damage penalties, dealing less damage and taking more damage than heroes.

Your character's current level, as determined by your expenditure of attribute points.

Level also affects the amount of physical defense you have, see Defense Increase per Level. The higher this attribute, the closer you are to beasthood when temporary transformed.

Illusions with the second or third texture appear like illusions to the enemy, meaning enemies do see their illusion textures.

However, despite this, the portrait of illusions always appears like the original hero to the enemy. Besides their skin and portrait, their health bar also differs based on whether the illusion is allied or not.

The Talent Tree is a series of selectable talents a hero can choose.

For enemies, illusions which use the blue or the yellow textures appear like the original hero, making it difficult to tell them apart from the real hero.These are all abilities which create illusions of heroes: Magic resistance reductions are inconsistent with illusions. However, in the HUD, magic resistance is always displayed as if they were fully affected.Magic resistance increasing effects do not affect illusions at all. The 100% magic resistance granted by any source of spell immunity and from Usually when an illusion spawns, it does not copy the buffs and debuffs the original hero has. However, they do copy toggle statuses of items and of some abilities.Allied illusions have the same health bar as creeps.This also means their mana bar is not visible, as it is only visible when having a hero or creep-hero health bar.Illusions can be created from an allied, enemy, or the own hero, copying its appearance, level, attributes, attack values, defensive values like base armor and base magic resistance and their abilities on their current level.

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