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values KCS5 SAPMSVMA Maintain characteristics (view) KCS6 SAPMSVMA Display characteristics (view) KCS7 RKCMDYRC Maintain fiscal year KCT0 SAPMKCIC EC-EIS/EC-BP: Comment management KCT1 SAPMKCIC EC-EIS/EC-BP: Reorganize comments KCUA RKCDLMON Display Transfer Log KCUU RKDREODA Report Data Reorganization KCVA SAPLKXDE EIS/BP: Maintain validations/rules KCVC SAPLKXDE EIS/BP: Copy validations/rules KCVD RKDREOBE Overview of Reports KCVL SAPMKCDA Variable list element in basic rep.

Hierarchy for BW BYPASS RFTP_GDS_BYPASSBypass for All Reservation Systems B1B2 RPCYERK3 Create Magnetic Media files CAAT RVFTCAAT Foreign Trade Atrium CAA0 SAPMC27V Process instr.

- Reminder Print ACO FOB0 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FVVI_SOID FOB1 SAPMF60M Lease-Out One-Time Postings FOB4 RFVDTAB0 Check Real Estate Acct Determinatio FOB9 RFVIMADC Rent Adj.

Heating Expense FOH1 SAPMF61H Create Heating System FOH2 SAPMF61H Change Heating System FOH3 SAPMF61H Display Heating System FOH9 RFVIVWHL Management contract: Fee list FOIA BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Matchcodes FOIB BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Field Assignm.

BMCHCL SAPMMCHCL Batch Class Conversion BMC1 RVBM00LT Create Class (Class Type 'BATCH') BMC2 RVBM00LT Change Class (Class type 'BATCH') BMC3 RVBM00LT Display Class (Class Type 'BATCH') BMSM RVBSTMRK Update the standard features BMVN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: DI_JOBID BMV0 RBMVSHOW Manage Data Transfers BM00 MENUBM00 Batch Management BP SAPLBUPA_DIALOGMaintain Business Partner BPB1 BPREP001 Evaluation of Business Partner/Role BPB2 BPREP002 Evaluation of Business Parter Data BPB4 BPREP003 Evaluation of Partner Relationships BPCA CHDOC_ENTRY Partner: Change Documents - Addresse BPCD CHDOC_ENTRY Business Partner: Change Documents BPCF RFTBPCD1 TRGP: Change Documents BPCG RFTBPCD2 TRGP: Change Documents Addresses BPC1 SAPMBP01 Create Business Partner BPC2 SAPMBP01 Change Business Partner BPC3 SAPMBP01 Display Business Partner BPC4 SAPMBP01 Create Bus.

CJ00 RCSIGSEA Find Digital Signatures CJ01 SAPLCJWB Create Work Breakdown Structure CJ02 SAPLCJWB Change Work Breakdown Structure CJ03 SAPLCJWB Display Work Breakdown Structure CJ06 SAPLCJWB Create Project Definition CJ07 SAPLCJWB Change Project Definition CJ08 SAPLCJWB Display Project Definition CJ11 SAPLCJWB Create WBS Element CJ12 SAPLCJWB Change WBS Element CJ13 SAPLCJWB Display WBS Element CJ14 RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay WBS Element (From DMS) CJ2A SAPLCJTR Display structure planning CJ2B SAPLCJTR Change project planning board CJ2C SAPLCJTR Display project planning board CJ2D SAPLCJTR Structure planning CJ20 SAPLCJTR Structure planning CJ20N SAPLCNPB_M Project Builder CJ21 SAPLCJTR Change Basic Dates CJ22 SAPLCJTR Display Basic Dates CJ23 SAPLCJTR Change Forecast Dates CJ24 SAPLCJTR Display Forecast Dates CJ25 SAPLCJTR Change Actual Dates CJ26 SAPLCJTR Display Actual Dates CJ27 SAPLCJTR Project planning board CJ29 SAPLCJTR Update WBS (Forecast) CJ3A SAPMKBUB Change Budget Document CJ3B SAPMKBUB Display Budget Document CJ30 SAPMKBUD Change Project Original Budget CJ31 SAPMKBUD Display Project Original Budget CJ32 SAPMKBUD Change Project Release CJ33 SAPMKBUD Display Project Release CJ34 SAPMKBUA Project Budget Transfer CJ35 SAPMKBUA Budget Return from Project CJ36 SAPMKBUA Budget Supplement to Project CJ37 SAPMKBUD Budget Supplement in Project CJ38 SAPMKBUD Budget Return in Project CJ40 SAPMKBUD Change Project Plan CJ41 SAPMKBUD Display Project Plan CJ42 SAPMKBUD Change Project Revenues CJ43 SAPMKBUD Display Project Revenues CJ44 SAPLKAZB Act.

Time Lim LX06 RLS10060 Fire Department Inventory List LX07 RLS10070 Check storage LX08 RLS10080 Accident Regulations List LX09 RLB10010 Overview of All Transf.

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