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Yep, I've heard of that, but thought it best not to mention it as it might confuse Ewen even more ;-)*He seems to be getting the gist of the jargon now and will hopefully find more info on his local access woes, thanks to your assistance...Hi Guys, I noticed Telstra have dropped the price of some of the prepaid modems.Setting to medium power gave me plenty of range for my domestic use. I chose the Plus over the Ultimate due to the extra frequencies that is offers.

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After all, doesn't a wiki usually have all the basic information on a subject as well as more detailed info?

My concern was that the specs that I read on whichever model it was that I was checking out didn't show that it ran on the Next G frequencies. This concerns me as where I am 4G services are terrible and we rely more on Next G to get any sort of data connection.

So, I don't know if these newer mobile devices will work on the newer bands around where I live as I can't find the info on them.

*It's fairly basic mobile phone knowledge (and very simple to Google if unsure) that LTE equals 4G, and UMTS equals 3G, they are not " Sorry, should've made myself plainer.

I know the difference between 3G/Next G and LTE/4G.

Site No: 3844006 HAZELWOOD RD TRARALGON VIC 3844 The RFNSA database (mobile only data) also has a map display.

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