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Steph is sentenced to six years in prison, leaving Charlie in the care of Lyn. Charlie and Callum bring home a Blue-tongued skink, called Teddy.

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October saw many arrivals; Rosetta Cammeniti, Will Griggs, Pepper Steiger, Frazer Yeats all arrived on the same day and moved into Ramsay Street.When Steph takes Charlie to the garage, she is distracted by her new partner Greg Michaels (Nick Farnell) and a cabinet falls on Charlie. Charlie befriends Mickey Gannon (Fletcher O'Leary) and Callum Jones (Morgan Baker).They form a band with Ty Harper's (Dean Geyer) help.The 22nd season of Neighbours began airing on 9 January 2006.March saw the first birth of 2006, when Charlie Hoyland was born to the established Stephanie Scully and Max Hoyland.Steph becomes pregnant and leaves town with Charlie for a while, where she gives birth to his half-brother Adam.

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