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In the year 1819, a Book of Discipline was completed and published, and with a very few minor changes made from time to time, this has formed the written code for this branch of the Society of Friends in Ohio for more than one hundred years.

In 1921, the last edition of the Discipline being almost exhausted, the subject of reprinting was brought before the Yearly Meeting, and was referred to the Meeting for Sufferings (now the Representative Meeting) to consider whether some minor changes might be made before having another edition printed.

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This power we call the Light Within or the Light of Christ.

In 1816 a new house was completed at Mount Pleasant, where the Yearly Meeting convened that year.

The Conservative Yearly Meeting continued to meet at Mt. Beginning with that year it has been held at Stillwater, east of Barnesville.

We concur with George Fox where he states, “The least member in the church hath an office, and is serviceable; and every member hath need one of another.” As all unite before the true Head of the Church, a spiritual democracy becomes a reality.

Vocal service in such a meeting, whether prayer or exhortation or teaching, should be uttered under the direct guidance and authority of the Holy Spirit.

Growing directly out of this belief in the Inward Light of Christ is our ideal of worship.

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