Notifydatasetchanged not updating


Database holder that serves as an access point to the underlying SQLite database.The Room database uses the DAO to issue queries to the SQLite database.This makes testing and debugging difficult, among other things.In this codelab you don't update the entities and the version numbers.

Architecture components help you structure your app in a way that is robust, testable, and maintainable with less boilerplate code.The Room persistence library creates and maintains this database for you. When you use a DAO, you call the methods, and Room takes care of the rest.Room database: Database layer on top of SQLite database that takes care of mundane tasks that you used to handle with an .Off-topic concepts and code are provided for you to simply copy and paste.This codelab provides all the code you need to build the complete app.Live Data automatically manages all of this since it's aware of the relevant lifecycle status changes while observing.

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