Naughty chat story


I comply with your order and slide just your cockhead between my lips. "That's better, you whore." I circle your cockhead with my tongue, expertly.I slide my tongue back and forth over the underside, causing you to grip my hair tighter and start thrusting again, my tongue rasping against the underside of your shaft as it slowly sinks deeper and deeper into my wet, slutty mouth. But I think you need a little more." I fire off the remainder of your spanking in rapid succession, three sharp swats across your rear.I like you grabbing my hair and jamming your hard cock down my throat.I'm gagging -- my virgin throat can't take you all the way down yet, because your cock is so big. I tease you by pulling off and saying, "Please, no more. I don't want to be a slut who --" You slap my cheek, not hard, just enough to play along with my feigned reluctance. She holds me tight and she holds Chat Noir as well.

*** I know I probably should have gone a bit easier on you, but I thought you needed a reminder about who is in charge here. You're as good a cocksucker as I've ever had the pleasure of blowing me. The amount of effort is just one more clue that your fight is just for show. A kinky little cunt who needs a real man to give you what your horny body aches for and I'm going to give it to so good..I'm good and ready to. With you pinned against the wall I then press my half naked body up against yours.As I look down into your eyes I can see just how much you're enjoying this. You look up at me from your knees, still drooling over my manhood. As you slide your jeans down I reach down and rub your soaking wet pussy. " With your jeans still around your ankles the most you can manage is a humiliated shuffle to the wall, where you assume the position as ordered. I bring my face alongside yours and run my tongue up your cheek, savoring the heat and salty taste of the sweat and tears brought on by me asserting my will on you."What happened to 'No, I don't want to be a slut', huh bitch? You tremble in a strange state of anxiety and anticipation. My throbbing cock rests against your pink little slit.I look up at you with pleading eyes, and you relent for now and back off so only your cockhead is inside me. I feel a thrill at your dominance, but try to hide my eagerness to do anything you want."Do what I say, bitch, or I'll slap you hard." I meekly drop my eyes to the hard cock that is pressing against my lips, demanding entry. I walk down and see one of the copies struggling to walk on those heels. "It's okay you'll get use to it" She looks at me for a bit and says nothing.

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