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In case you didn't enroll in one of the once-a-week review classes, you can still sign up for daily review classes from October 3-15, including weekends, at UP's Institute of Library and Information Science. Make sure you have a complete set of questionnaires and answer keys. Just be aware that not all the answers provided in the answer key are correct. After a few days or weeks, take the mock exams all over again. But looking for other mock exams to answer would still be a good idea. What's important is that you get used to answering multiple choice questions.

If you aren't attending a review class, photocopy the mock exams of someone who's enrolled in one. One of the most useful tips I got from last year's review classes was from Sharon Esposo: If the test is constructed fairly, you should be able to eliminate two of the four choices easily. Don't try to memorize everything you get your hands on.

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