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99/100 these guys are just assholes who don't want to be called out on it and try to use ‘I'm sarcastic’ as a get out of trouble free card.Most wouldn't know genuine sarcasm if it bit them on the ass.” From Catty_Pake: “‘Done with drama’ or ‘Not into girls who play games’.RELATED: 30 Signs You're in a Toxic Relationship All this success hasn't escaped writers and researchers like myself, who study strategies and tally statistics when it comes to what works and what doesn't in the digital dating world.One relevant finding: Every year, the most popular day for app sign-ups is the Sunday after New Year's Day. But before you spend this Sunday swiping with the rest of the singles, make sure to craft a killer profile by avoiding these common mistakes.If you're currently using any of these, it could be the reason your Tinder profile isn't getting as many right swipes as you think it should. From Jellyfish Mermaid: “Not a phrase, but dating profile pictures.When there's multiple people in a photo—like family pictures are okay, but I don't want to try to pick you out from your 30 fraternity brothers. Never 'nope' so fast until I see those.” Related: You're Doing Your Tinder Photos Wrong From dtmfadvice: “A friend of mine rejects anyone who says that partners ‘must know how to take a joke’ or some variation on that, because it's a sign their sense of humor is obnoxious or cruel. But probably they aren't funny and got angry when someone told them to quit being a prick.” From haelesor: “Any mention of being ‘sarcastic’.According to a study published in 2015, winning profiles typically used a ratio in discussing themselves versus what they're looking for.Successful online daters also typically employ a bit of humor and keep it light; words in popular profiles include “love,” “fun,” and “friends,” according to

"Bright-eyed to our battle-weary, they write earnest profiles about “trying out” online dating for the first time and being excited “just to meet new people”. Just to compete, we update our profile pictures (tearfully, we let go of that flattering one taken in the Olympic Stadium at London 2012) and think of some new way to sound epic. On the plus side, newbies invariably get it wrong first time out. i I you can't think of even a broad category of music you prefer over others, then what does that say about how interesting you are?I'd rather someone say they like industrial noise remixed with one direction's best hits and cats meowing than just ‘music’.” Related: This Man's Viral Tinder Profile Shows Why Honesty Can Be the Best Policy From accidental_superman: “‘Dating profiles are so hard to write.’ That's all they write.We enjoy watching you read your creations on You Tube.We're currently developing a cool app based on our site.Some generated content parodies existing styles and artists, whilst others are based on original structures.

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