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Other i Phone features for the deaf include closed-captioned movies, visual and vibrating alerts, and TTY, or teletypewriter, support.

(TTY is also known as TDD, or telecommunication device for the deaf.) The deaf are also making use of Qik, Inc.'s video chat app for HTC's EVO mobile phone.

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Face Time is integrated with the phone's Contacts software, and using it is as easy as making a voice call or sending a text.

He spends up to eight hours a day using Face Time, the i Phone 4's video chat application.

"And I must say I've been looking forward for something like Face Time," the 32-year-old travel counselor from Florida wrote via e-mail, adding that he jumped out of his chair when he first learned of the app.

To transmit text messages, these devices use traditional phone lines, which can transmit a maximum of 56 kilobits per second.

More advanced 3G networks transmit at speeds up to 35 times faster.

The app developers did not have the deaf or ASL in mind, but now the company is considering it as a future avenue, according to Allyson Campa, a consultant who is the acting head of marketing at Redwood City, Calif.–based Qik.

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