Javascript code for validating name lesbian military dating

Calls get Client Options() to generate options array for client-side validation.You may override this method to return the Java Script validation code if the validator can support client-side validation.Here, we set the Data Source of the Grid View to Sql Data Source1.

Set the Control To Validate property of Required Field Validator control to Text Box1 (i.e.

They are listed as follows: Whether to enable client-side validation for this validator.

The actual client-side validation is done via the Java Script code returned by client Validate Attribute().

The New Values collection is read/write collection and in the second if condition we set the Country to India.

You will find that the data is not accepted by the Grid View.

You may override this method to modify options that will be passed to the client-side validation. A value is considered empty if it is null, an empty array, or an empty string. Note that if an attribute is not associated with the validator - it will be ignored.

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