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Interested in knowing your new neighbors really are, and if you can trust them? More than ever, it’s important to know who your kids are befriending and spending time with.

With a few simple clicks, Nuwber can help you keep your children safe and away from bad influences. Sometimes we just lose track of old friends and contacts.

In 1966 the college became the sole responsibility of Dudley Council.

Nuwber is a group of young, talented developers working diligently behind the scenes to offer you the best possible experience.Our proprietary algorithm integrates cutting edge logic and intelligence to cull more than a billion personal records for similarities and connections, transforming this massive flow of information into tangible results.This wealth of information is then distilled into comprehensive, detailed reports that correspond to your specific search criteria, assuring that you’ll always find the exact records you’re looking for.In 1973 HRH Duchess of Kent opened an additional center at Brierley Hill for skills training for the glass industry.In 2002, Dudley College acquired the University of Wolverhampton's campus at Castle View in the Eve Hill area of Dudley.These days, you never know who is living next door, or hiding behind the social media profile of that special someone you just met online.

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