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Not only do you help me online and many others all the time, you are now helping these wonderful little birds and doing a fantastic job.I think it is just great what you are doing.21/05/2008 Wednesday: Sadly we have lost the runt of the fledglings, being just after am Tuesday morning.Their eyes are still closed at the moment, but i am sure that they will be open very very soon.19/05/2008 Monday.The chicks are doing really well and have a great appetite, as most of you will have seen by now, i am having to feed them with tweezers every 15 minuets.For the time being they are on a diet of fresh de headed mealworms. I was watching when suddenly appeared what I thought was a very pointed bird beak, then realised it was a pair of tweezers.How often will they have to be fed each day and do you think they have a chance of surviving? Am ever so sorry to have to say, but we have lost the mother bluetit and also one of the young, leaving us with five 17/05/2008.On a brighter note, the other fours are feeding like it is going out of fashion, it is becoming a bit more tricky now to feed them as they move so fast, but also a lot easier because once the food is in the gape, they now swallow for themselves.20/05/2008 Tuesday: All five chicks are still with us, getting bigger & bigger each day.They are just starting to chirp now when being fed.

Approx another 40 minutes past and we decided that things wernt right. it seams to like it and duz not look ill from it but it is kinda weird that it would be ok to feed it cat food! Alex Hello Dave, We had two bluetits nesting in a box in our yard and before we went on holiday we could hear the cheeping in the nest."I've been feeding them every 15 minutes, for the last 32 hours, on de-headed mealworms. Love Janisx x x xi have just came across a little blue tit all the rest of its brothers and sisters were dead and mother and father were no were to be seen!They have to be de-headed prior to feeding as they're likely to eat their way out.""They're also on a heat pad and in a polystyrene box to help keep them warm."It takes just 19 days for blue tit chicks to fledge but chicks fed by hand can take up to six weeks:my sister has found a bab blue chick on the road, we have taken it in , and are wondering what to feed it, it is very weak at the moment, we would appricate any advice you can give us thankyou very much xxx We have found a young blue tit, he looks about the same age as the birds on your last pic. baby was out in the cold for a long time before i took him/her in to the house!This has now been changed and they have perked up really well.A real big thank you to all that have given me information about how to rear the chicks, it is very much appreciated.inspection of the box found 3 dead chicks and 4 living chicks 2 of whom were very weak. i have tryed bugs and stuff from the garden but he jist wont have it! am just wondren about all the stuff in the cat food that mite not be to good for it? We have returned a week later and can't hear anything so assumed they had flown.

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