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Please Note: Illinois Peregrine webcams are active April - July.Watch the progress of nesting Peregrine Falcons through live streaming webcams!Should they ever succeed, then they will turn on one another and kill each other. I know about their culture in general, but I cannot understand the hate they have for the rest of the world. Watch who is training for pilots and screen them carefully, especially those from the Middle East here for training, work, education, etc.

My look at 12 gay performers who’ve won Emmys Lauren Bacall would have been 93 today – here are some random videos from the great star’s career Celeb Instagram: Billy Eichner & Dolly Parton! Them I pray for everyday and it makes me feel stronger. I will mourn for them deeply and shed many tears for those that have died before them. I am an old woman and do not wish to leave this world knowing that I had not done all I could to save both my children, grandchild but those of grandparents around the world. One that will swallow any fear I may have and speak out against them and those like them until I draw my last breath.My faith is in God and they are my hope everlasting. He has what I call "dead eyes" meaning no soul, no caring, no love for himself others. The "People of the World" must fight him or our children and grandchildren are doomed. I have only my words, so I use them to the best of my ability and whenever I can. I and others like me are what they fear around the world. A religion that deals with dissenting opinions by cutting the dissenters head off isn't a religion at all. We should take all the pig waste from all our factory farms, put it on planes and dump it on every city and refinery controlled by these animals.Also the goverment needs to get all active duty non active duty law enforcement together and have a game plan to hunt these terrorist down.Isis isn't going to stop they are determined to take over and aren't going to stop unless they are made to. How do you talk to people that only speak of bringing death and destruction to anyone that is not of their faith. IMHO this topic hasn't been covered as much as it deserves.

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