Is it better to be single or dating


It’s easy to believe what we want doesn’t exist, what we want is asking too much of another person.We convince ourselves no man is as romantic as we imagine, all women are selfish one time or another etc. Join my private Facebook Community for FREEWhen I was in my early twenties, I was a horrible dater.I didn’t know how to feel secure around men so in turn I unconsciously kept them at bay.Largely absent from these conversations are those who avoid relationships or are too uncomfortable to express their feelings while in a relationship.Sure, there are posts about perpetual bachelors and about loving yourself when you’re single, but even these single-person posts miss an important subset of people – those who are uncomfortable, avoidant, fearful or repelled by the idea of joining in any meaningful emotional exchange.

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We long for a connection with one person that we feel we can tell anything to, who will look out for us, someone who we can trust.

As we start to make demands or requests of our partner and they slowly improve their behavior to our preferences our affections start to grow.

These filler relationships start with a purpose and in the beginning can seem rewarding but they are impossible to maintain.

We make excuses for why the people we are dating are less than we want or doing less than we wish of them.

If you don’t get what you need from a relationship don’t make excuses for why not, set out to find someone who can provide you with more than just security.

Or they are great in some ways and mediocre in others.

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