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(yes I know dev time would be required but I still suggested and got no actual real staff feedback on them, pretty discouraging if you ask me..) Social media = free advertising basically.Being serious - how many teenagers use say, Facebook or Twitter? I can even add to the list of other great things that can be done: Livestreaming (Going to say it but take a leaf out of NA's book - GM livestreams are occasionally fun.

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Also while we're at it, remove the artificial framerate caps of 40 in towns, 75 dungeons, 80 Pv P (at least that's what they were when I last had a look, FPS display with Ge Force Experience no longer works with the game for some bloody reason).As for connection "lag", I have a nifty idea for a VIP perk.VIPs would get access to a similar service to WTFast/Mudfish/any other acceleration service which minimises latency to the hosted server.It is often troubled with update and loading errors that can prevent subscribers from logging in.Here's how to update Game Guard so you can get back into the game of your choice.Maybe also add a small reward for those who report bugs and provide information to get it fixed?

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