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Description: An analysis of millions of passwords, hundreds of businesses and billions of emails, all in an effort to expose the most critical and emerging security threats to organizations around the world. An analysis of millions of passwords, hundreds of businesses and billions of emails, all in an effort to expose the most critical and emerging security threats to organizations around the world.This report includes the results—along with real-world scenarios and actionable advice.*//* * [REQUIRED] IRCd Config * * This section is used to set up Anope to connect to your IRC network.

* You may define groups of commands and privileges, as well as who may use them.

* * Available privileges: * botserv/administration - Can view and assign private Bot Serv bots * chanserv/administration - Can modify the settings of any channel (including changing of the owner!

) * chanserv/access/modify - Can modify channel access and akick lists, and use /chanserv enforce * chanserv/auspex - Can see any information with /chanserv info * chanserv/no-register-limit - May register an unlimited number of channels and nicknames * chanserv/kick - Can kick and ban users from channels through Chan Serv * memoserv/info - Can see any information with /memoserv info * memoserv/set-limit - Can set the limit of max stored memos on any user and channel * memoserv/no-limit - Can send memos through limits and throttles * nickserv/access - Can modify other users access and certificate lists * nickserv/alist - Can see the channel access list of other users * nickserv/auspex - Can see any information with /nickserv info * nickserv/confirm - Can confirm other users nicknames * nickserv/drop - Can drop other users nicks * operserv/config - Can modify services's configuration * protected - Can not be kicked from channels by Services * * Available commands: * botserv/bot/del botserv/bot/add botserv/bot/change botserv/set/private * botserv/set/nobot * * chanserv/access/list chanserv/drop chanserv/getkey chanserv/invite * chanserv/list chanserv/suspend chanserv/topic * * chanserv/saset/bantype chanserv/saset/description chanserv/saset/email chanserv/saset/keepmodes * chanserv/saset/founder chanserv/saset/keeptopic chanserv/saset/restricted * chanserv/saset/peace chanserv/saset/persist chanserv/saset/private * chanserv/saset/secure chanserv/saset/securefounder chanserv/saset/secureops * chanserv/saset/signkick chanserv/saset/successor chanserv/saset/topiclock * chanserv/saset/url chanserv/saset/noexpire chanserv/saset/autoop * * memoserv/sendall memoserv/staff * * nickserv/getpass nickserv/getemail nickserv/suspend nickserv/ajoin * nickserv/list * * nickserv/saset/autoop nickserv/saset/email nickserv/saset/greet nickserv/saset/password * nickserv/saset/display nickserv/saset/kill nickserv/saset/language nickserv/saset/message * nickserv/saset/private nickserv/saset/secure nickserv/saset/url nickserv/saset/noexpire * nickserv/saset/keepmodes * * hostserv/set hostserv/del hostserv/list * * global/global * * operserv/news operserv/stats operserv/kick operserv/exception operserv/seen * operserv/mode operserv/session operserv/modinfo operserv/ignore operserv/chanlist * operserv/chankill operserv/akill operserv/sqline operserv/snline operserv/userlist * operserv/oper operserv/config operserv/umode operserv/logsearch * operserv/modload operserv/jupe operserv/set operserv/noop * operserv/quit operserv/update operserv/reload operserv/restart * operserv/shutdown operserv/svs operserv/oline operserv/kill * * Firstly, we define 'opertypes' which are named whatever we want ('Network Administrator', etc).

* These can contain commands for oper-only strings (see above) which grants access to that specific command, * and privileges (which grant access to more general permissions for the named area). 'commands = "operserv/*"' for all Oper Serv commands.

* * Below are some default example types, but this is by no means exhaustive, * and it is recommended that you configure them to your needs.

If not given, the feature * will typically be disabled.

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