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Can't keep warm enough to sit at my computer and hash ideas out on photoshop right now though.

The Short Version: While it’s tempting to believe that society has evolved into a utopian state of equality and peace, to do so ignores the complexity of the world at large.

It would be for a series of zodiac prints that could also tie in with animated ecards or something.

The final 'look'/style keeps changing in my minds eye.

Wikigender, an information resource devoted to raising awareness about gender inequality, aims to spark discussion and change social norms through their in-depth content.

I had my eye on Dublin which is going through a "golden age" of sorts with their studios, but no experience to get my foot in the door yet.So I have to stay in this rubbish town, with no close friends and no social life. My excuse is that I'm sick with a cough that's going round, and couldn't drop off last night until about 3am anyway. Keep looking down at my feet/the floor and expecting her to be padding about. What if I reach 40 and still in a low wage job, degree that's meant nothing, no partner, no kids.Also, it's a massive leap from the role I've been doing so I hope I can handle it. One of many resolutions for the new year is to start getting enough sleep/get up at a civilised hour! If there was a painless off switch I would press it.Or maybe they just won't renew the contract after three months, haha. Never ever believed I'd think something like that, yet here I am. But you can use a different approach: this is what makes life interesting.More difficult, sure, but also more entertaining :) What did you study if you don't mind me asking? Have you tried relocating within the UK or Europe to get an entry level job in the arts sector? Also, it's a good opportunity for meeting new people!That's idea with the volunteering - I'm seeing more of the admin/finance side of things so can maybe transfer that into getting a support role or production management. Sometimes I feel I should pack it all in and do something else, that would actually pay, lol.

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