Does dating ruin friendships


Finally, he’s the guy who has to put up with a constant barrage of queries, regardless of whether he’s done anything wrong.I’ve been this guy and it’s an awful feeling having an otherwise delightful partnership being dissected to death because of your girlfriend’s insecurity.You casually browse his cell phone when he’s taking a shower to see who texted him.

He’s the guy whose charisma you adored being told that he can’t display it to anyone other than you.

I really don’t want to leave this relationship but am worried about his continuing fidelity. –Kathy For any of you who think that I always side with flirtatious men, take another look here and here.

So let’s sum up the answer to how to deal with a man you can’t trust: You should NOT be in a relationship with a man you can’t trust.

I am already in love with this man and we have had a great relationship up to this point but I find myself having trouble trusting him now.

I have never had trust issues in the past, and did not have them with him prior to this.

A relationship with a man you can’t trust is going to be miserable for both of you.

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