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If you want to get into the game and bring a gun that will surprise you with its performance, try the .45ACP Range Officer®.

Springfield Model 1911 serial number 126398 - Ordnance procurement records for Springfield Armory Production indicate that this was one of 1,564 pistols manufactured from July 1, 1916 - December 31, 1916.

Unlike commercially contracted weapons, government manufactured arms did not require an ordnance acceptance mark.

Right side of slide bore the standard slide inscription of the Colt Model 1911 -- "MODEL OF 1911 U. ARMY." Checkered walnut grips with uncheckered diamond areas around the grip screws were standard.

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10, 1918 to May 24, 1919 13) Remington-UMC: S/N 15,000 to 21,676 = Aug. It is unknown for sure if any slides were made and no frames were made. S/N’s 1,041,405 to 1,096,404 were duplicated by Union Switch & Signal. In 1917, Norway obtained licence to manufacture it’s M1911 pistols. May have “EJERCITO MEXICANO” on right side of slide.The .45ACP Range Officer® is topped with a fully-adjustable rear target sight, so you have maximum flexibility.The beavertail grip safety, extended lightweight trigger and flat mainspring housing allow the pistol to sit in your hand comfortably for long periods of time at the range.The number of rows of checkering between the points of the uncheckered diamonds number 11 /- 1.The eagle, which was formerly the symbol of Springfield Armory, was placed on the right side of the slide.The single-sided thumb safety keeps things simple and functional.

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