Dating services for people with learning disabilities ludacris dating

I was working with these kids with all kinds of disabilities etc and was damm ass good @ it.They couldn't handle my over the top personality etc.Things are not impossible to do, we just have to learn different tricks and find the common ground in how they make sense to us.I am dyslexic in math, I have completed statistics courses, struggled through it trying to find the bottom line on how can I make this make sense to me.

TTYLspelling alone is not a sign of of the most blindingly brilliant people i know spells everything becomes fone..was never diagnosed with anything formally so i'm not sure if it is even relevant, with the exception that spelling is not a yardstick of intellect....sometimes.just remembered..i had my accident i was diagnosed with mild to moderate brain injury, basal skull fractures subdural haemotoma, possibility of not being to retain info etc.i think i dodged the bullet on that one but i still say the wrong words verbally sometimes.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Okay I've been on this site for a while now, I've seen threads about every kind of social issue I can think of,except learning disabilities. how are learning disabilities viewed by people who don't have them?Meeting people at the POF get togethers has been a great way to see the REAL people behind the profiles and see WHO they are in person not if they can spell or not. I worked with a gal who was in everyway sharp as a tack but was completely dyslexic and often had to repeat her work just because she'd marked everything backward,... Don't let it or anyone elses opinions hold you back from your dreams. I do believe we can train our mind to perform things that do not come natural to us, yes we have to work harder at them, but things can be achieved.I see dyslexia as the opposite to a strength, but I do not call it a weakness. As far as higher learning, and career goals, I would say if you want to advance get a tutor, plan to spend extra time working things out.Let's face it, some people can not write, and get their thoughts down in the written word, some of our brains are engaged in such a way that the thoughts are flying, we type them out and Voila what you see is a mish mash of words. Creative minds normally have the hardest time writing. I do not want to date a copycat of me, I can spell, it is natural with me, I have dyslexia when it comes to numbers,but I have a career in statistics, (yes, I use calculators and computer programs!! i still to this day do not know what they were but i am leaning towards the language dyslexia that my grade 7 son has .... People with physical limitations and/or disabilities can face the same views- ignorance, understanding & non-judgement.

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