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The spear-type lettering was also utilized for the downtube font on the Record.

1973 saw the introduction of a new, lined, italicized downtube logo (based on the earlier corporate logo that debuted in 1962) which was immidiately standardized amongst virtually every single model of the Raleigh lineup; from the child's Mountie up to the the Team Professionals and replicas.

These five bikes will all be exhibited at this year’s Cycle Show at the NEC in September, for more information head to

The Internationals use yet a different red decal; rectangular in shape and curved at the ends.

Please read carefully, and always double check with frame details and hub dates, if available.

Most 1966 upright-bar models are given new, chunky, serifed downtube lettering.

This lettering was later used as a downtube logo on the Raleigh Sprite.

Road/drop-bar frames wore completely different decal kits than the rest of the Raleigh lineup.

All used an understated cursive script font on the downtube, with exception to the Record, which utilized the same decal format from the early 1960's road frames.

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