Dating on line rvsp


How can this be when the site charges you for privacy settings????? They won’t give me a reason why only to say it’s written in the terms and conditions. I contacted support and they told me via email that my account was suspended and in order to activate it I had to provide my drivers license or my passport.Costs to contact one member be cheaper buying someone a drink.The site is filled with the same old woman who are serial daters and looking for mr impossible.I chose RSVP because I thought I would meet people who were looking for a relationship.I met my partner in 2012 on RSVP and we are still together now in 2018 with an 8 month old baby and plans for marriage.The cost of stamps is ridiculously high unless you get a bulk discount offer which is still over 0 and offers NO Guarantee on any dates and contacts expire after 30 days. RSVP is very expensive to use when no one replies to messages.Premium membership with 3 stamps a month is stupid. Then had to buy stamps to go any further with these members. Each stamp used allows communication with a member for 30 days. Used another stamp to send a message, got a reply, no that member hasn’t been online since. I should have read reviews on this site before rejoining.

I have argued my case on a moral basis but RSVP have refused my refund due to their policy stating that I should've been aware that the payments would continue until I physically stop them myself.This demands a stamp refund in my books by won't happen. Simultaneously they continued to accept further payment.Also when you make contact again, I find many women make an excuse to turn against you for some reason trying to make you feel bad. They, a Fairfax identity, have provisions to refund monies but again refused.I guess I would have if I knew in the first place this apparent one-off deal was in fact a means to lure you in to a never ending payment plan.I signed up for a premium membership and paid 5 for 3 months.Within a few weeks of activating the site I was informed by someone that I had been messaging that he had received an email from RSVP informing him that my account had been suspended because I had not been 'playing by the rules' even though I had only responded to a few messages with the usual small talk.

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