Dating furniture by the carvings become intimidating


Later Jacobean furniture (during the time of Cromwell the Protector) was very stern, square, and frugal, as befitted a retreat into a time of righteous severity.But with the return of the monarchy under Charles II, Carolean furniture once again became much more ornate, characterized by intricate carved stretchers and colorful upholstery decorated with tasseled fringes.

Age of Walnut The term “Age of Walnut” is not so much descriptive of any particular style of furniture as it is a means of dating furniture — roughly from 1600 to 1730.Throughout history, trends in furniture design have evolved alongside societies, the materials they had access to, and advancements in technology.Today’s historian thus has a variety of characteristics to apply to furniture to determine the date in which it was made.The latter part of the century is sometimes referred to as the Age of Satinwood, although mahogany continued to be very popular.It was dominated by a less curvilinear, more severe, classically inspired style introduced by the architects known as the Adelphi — the trademark adopted by the four Adams brothers.Age of Mahogany and Satinwood The Age of Walnut gradually gave way to a period in which mahogany was the predominant species used.

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