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The bar itself features exquisite cocktails that are perfectly mixed by the professional bartenders at The Cruise Room.

The martinis are rated among the best in all of Denver, which attracts an older, classier crowd looking to enjoy a night out in Denver.

In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find any nightlife that can even come close to that of Denver’s in the state of Colorado.

Plus, Denver’s ideal spring/summer climate makes it the perfect vacation spot outside of the traditional tourist spots in America.

Inside The Cruise Room you’ll find red colored walls with dimly lit lights just above the couches that illuminate the walls.

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Inside the club you’ll notice it is two floors with the largest dance floor on the first floor.

The Cruise Room is the perfect place for a romantic, intimate evening with a companion.

The cocktails are pricey but you’ll struggle to find a more romantic, classy lounge in Denver.

Your escort will cater to your needs and do anything she can to make sure your night out is as fun and exciting as it can possibly be.

Denver is an exciting, vibrant city full of life and things to do.

On the main floor you’ll notice the main bar to the left side and on the right side are red couches set up for bottle service.

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