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If the output is other than expected, the commands are checked and modified until the final outcome is what is expected.

When applied to human beings, commands hurt feelings.

A statement is, the specification of a single action.(Hughes 470).

Commands are issued using direct statements to objects to obtain a desired result.

Initiative is another character trait admired by potential girlfriends.

This is why lazy evaluation is not a useful technique in dating.

One must remember to think ahead and put out just a little more at the beginning to ensure upgrading will not be required for a long time, if at all.

One of the main problems with the average computer science majors social life is the lack of time to go out and have fun.It might be assumed that they are spending all their time playing computer games and writing source code for ridiculously useless programs. The stereotypical programmer doesnt have any friends. They attempt to fill the perceived void in their students day by assigning enough homework to keep them busy for hours at a time.No idle time equates to no time for boredom and loneliness.Girlfriends do not enjoy having to give complete instructions for everything said.In fact, a few assumptions toward the greater good of the relationship are often rewarded.Now, assuming that this can be dealt with and that the pupil of modern technology can feasibly find time to go out and actually meet people, there are still several other problems.

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