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Over the years a few traditions began to form, but the conference, as well as other activities, remain open to new inspiration and ever changing creative process.

Most of the rituals are Neo-pagan in form but the content is as diverse as their members' personal spirituality.

The Fall Conference, the Spring Retreat and the Winter Meditation in addition to the monthly pot-luck dinners, web-site and triannual newsletter, "Visionary" are all used as the means in which to introduce mainstream gay men to alternative spiritualities.

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In the past, even though the experience was spiritually powerful, the retreats were also long and disorganized.

Maintaining the original founding philosophy of Running Water, Gay Spirit Visions founded a new retreat at "The Mountain," a Unitarian Universalist retreat center just outside of Highlands, N. Harry Hay was invited to give the keynote address at the 1990 meeting, and author Andrew Ramer and poet Franklin Abbott also presented.

The records mostly detail the planning, financing, and recording of retreats, and include correspondence, financial records, flyers, invitations, programs, audiovisual materials, and photographs dating from 1978-2010.

Gay Spirit Visions records, 1978-2010, are organized in four series.

All requests subject to limitations noted in departmental policies on reproduction.[item], [folder title], [series title], Gay Spirit Visions records, W127. Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University, Atlanta.

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