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A significant amount of this research has looked at the ways in which people use text based CMC to chat with each other in real time on the Internet and on socially oriented online services such as America Online (AOL) and Compu Serve.

We know that the use of the Internet and online services such as AOL is growing rapidly, and that the language of these virtual inhabitants is almost always English.We also know that the use of these technologies requires not just literacy, but computer literacy.On AOL, there are methods of obtaining data on the number of people using a specific chat room and of determining the total number of chat rooms at a given point in time.Abstract: Text based computer mediated communication (CMC) has recently been the focus of many ethnographic studies by social scientists.In my own research of cybersex, I followed the lead of these researchers and utilised ethnographic methods but encountered several significant difficulties.I will also discuss one of the dangers faced by social scientists who do investigations entirely within the constraints of a text only medium, the ease with which misinterpretations can be made there.

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