Consolidating sql servers best practices

Major consolidation efforts have included Right Sizing, Storage Utility, Compute Utility, File Server Utility, and recently, the SQL Server consolidation initiative.Each effort has significantly reduced the data center footprint and has contributed to environmental sustainability.Fortunately, the landscape for SQL Server consolidation has changed dramatically over the past few months.

Average CPU utilization across these hosts is below 10 percent, indicating significant opportunity for host consolidation.

Microsoft IT has been engaged in related activities for several years.

The efforts have targeted data centers, various layers of the application stack as well as specific server workloads.

In fiscal year 2009, the goal is to engineer and provide a SQL Server Utility that will reduce dedicated single instance SQL Server hosts by 10 percent and position Microsoft IT for continued consolidation.

The solution mindset requires executive sponsorship, data-driven discussion, coherent storage and computing foundations, and an articulated consolidation strategy.

Areas of opportunity targeted by the SQL Server consolidation initiative include: Currently, the Microsoft IT application portfolio consists of about 2,700 applications.

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