Bulgarian dating site


I met my girlfriend last June through a bulgarian online dating website, went out to Sofia last July, did a further 2 visits met her parents, she visited the UK in september for 2 weeks and she moved here in March.

My girlfriend comes from a small town 30 miles outside Sofia, worked in a bank, speaks reasonable English, but had never travelled outside Bulgaria.

Occasionally she will ask for help with the dishes to which I always say "no that's your job" (once you start doing these thugs it become the norm, so don't do them is my advice).

In return she has no money worries, gym membership and has a really high standard of living in one of richest countries in the world (for a woman's what not to like in the UK).

My back story, I'm 42, 5ft 6, average looks, reasonable shape.

Got married at 30 to your typical lazy English woman, divorced at 33 (no kids), Spent the last 10 years in and out of relationships with English women, basically drifting in terms of dating.

My Bulgarian girlfriend has been living in the UK for 6 months now and I thought this was a good time to share my experiences with you all.

For any of you considering looking for a long term relationship with a Bulgarian / Eastern European woman, you may find some of the information useful.

I know a dude who's 45 about 5'9 and he's smashing a solid 7 32 year old.In terms of looks she definitely does not have model looks, but she is attractive, slim, feminine, 29 year old that is looking for a long term relationship.As stated earlier the chances of me meeting an English woman either in a bar / online / though friends, fitting this description would just not happen. Well first of all I will not pretend that living with a bulgarian woman is some form of paradise as it is not.I never considered this option but now you put the thought in my head. 2) Do you speak any Bulgarian or is the relationship all in English? Not her taking petty stuff but she is in your flat all day, your identity and financial account numbers could be in circulation back in Bulgaria. 2) No, only speak "malko" Bulgarian (little) - her English is good. 5) Yes she liked my apartment even though its only a small 2 bedroom place.I live in Chesterfield, a small town near Sheffield.If you are looking for a relationship my advice would be start pipelining now with a view to them moving next year if the relationship develops. Hello,just out of curiosity : why did you go to a Bulgarian website instead of looking for more "famous" nationalities like Polish/Czech?

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