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Emily Quartermaine (then Amber Tamblyn) starts embarking on a new career in modeling, but soon finds herself the subject of a blackmail attempt when she receives a photograph of her head photoshopped onto the body of a nude model.

She enlists the help of Lucky, his half brother Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), and Elizabeth Webber.

They discover the culprit is photographer Tom Baker, later revealed to also be responsible for raping Elizabeth. Due to lack of evidence, he cannot be prosecuted for raping Elizabeth, but is sentenced to prison for 20 years.

In late 2016, Tom was up for parole, and Elizabeth had to write a note to convince the board not to release him.

Brook Lynn later got an offer to go on tour with a band.

Nikolas got caught up in family issues, and encouraged Brook Lynn to take the offer because he couldn't put her first. The character had previously been portrayed by Jay Lacopo on November 2, 1998.

On Valentine's Day 1998, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) is raped, and Lucky Spencer (then Jonathan Jackson) helps her recover.

After her death, Brook puts a poignant song written by Sage to music and records it.

Sage's uncle Lorenzo Alcazar blames Brook and the other teens for her death, but is brought to tears when he hears Brook perform the song.

Tom, though, was released, because the board thought he had reformed.

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