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Then for a while there, she would talk about how she had a crush on Lala [Kent].I don’t know if she did or didn’t, but it was thing that she was talking about and then all of a sudden it was kind of like not anymore.”Ariana continued, “The recording to me is super suspect because it literally is like tap, tap, put the phone down, ask questions, which to me seems calculated.” She also denied Faith’s allegations that she and Scheana knew about the cheating and just never told Brittany. After months of speculation, Ariana Grande finally confirmed that she is in a relationship with rapper Big Sean.The "Break Free" singer, 21, admitted in an interview with The Telegraph this week that Big Sean is her boyfriend.

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Weirdly enough, it’s not even getting repetitive at this point.

Almost every single time, someone has a new, yet equally unflattering, anecdote about the former fringe member of the friend group.

Ariana shared, “It seems extra shady in that she was hooking up with Max [Todd].

The TV star went on to get married in a surprise ceremony to model and actor Ryan Dorsey in July.

Sean wasn't single for too long, however, as he found a new woman in Grande, who went through her own breakup from longtime boyfriend Jai Brooks this past August.

Ariana didn’t reveal much, but she did tease, “They’re very close. They’re not currently dating at this moment.” But did they ever?

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