Alturnative dating


Not personally..wouldn';t mind having co-husbands and wives...takes a lot of bill-paying, and kids would probably never have to worry about losing their parents. The plural of "spouse" is "spice"...keeps the relationship going, and the family too!

wow would like mothers day and fathers day be really confusing..would do the parent teacher conference or would it be like a pep rally?

So what makes Punk Scene different to other punk dating sites?

Punk Scene is a dedicated dating site for the punk community making it easier for like minded single punks to chat and meet each other.

If you're asking about polyamory, not polygamy or swinging, you can read about it on has some good info, too I would love to find more than one person to love me but so far finding one is proving to be impossible. I was in a typical couple type relationship at the time or I might have joined them. Now this ‘thread’ could not have come at a better time.

It can be very rewarding but also EXTREEMLY challenging to bring another person into a relationship.Sounds like an interesting concept, but daggone somebody would always be left out No, I think it just means multiple partners, as in "swinging"....I had quite an obsession with that when I was married - I wanted to try it and my hubby didn't...Well, it's aimed specially at single punks and alternative people allowing you to connect with like minded people without having to wade through hundreds of profiles of people who aren't your type!So if you're a single punk looking for other single punks then sign up now, its completly free!Sign up now to get unlimited free messages forever and you can be chatting with 1000s of single punks in a couple of minutes.

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