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By about one-quarter of the way through the course, as with another course in the initial COLL100 class, I just wanted the course over with.

These 'professors' really rely on CUT & PASTE for their critiques and responses to students A LOT! Out of five instructors this year, three were horrid..just bad, but horrid. There seems to be no in-between, they are either really good or horrid, and the bad outweigh the good thus far.

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The school, which is affiliated with American Military University, offers traditional liberal arts courses as well as classes especially of interest to military personnel (e.g., Air Warfare, Land Warfare, and Emergency and Disaster Management).Website "glitches" have been known to not allow you to submit responses and then "crash" or "lose" work submitted.I earned my undergraduate degree taking courses via mail and online.At the time I was working at an airport in security (not TSA) and had to correct the professor on several occasions.Imparting the nuances and insights gained from ACTUAL experience is EXPECTED from QUALITY instructors.I can see in various forums that the professor makes or breaks the class and it is sad that APUS keep professors on that get complaints by students because students are pretty easy to get along with in my opinion. If you drop the ball or get behind in your work and you stay quite about it, you will pay for it, figuratively and financially.

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